Analyze: Marketing

How often have you
rolled out a content marketing
campaign and wondered
if it succeeded or failed?
Did you have the tools
you needed to
analyze results?


How did it do?

Direct Images Interactive helps you answer essential questions about your interactive strategy:

  • What’s the click-through rate?
  • What are the different kinds of customers you have?
  • Which white papers were most popular?

Use metrics to improve your campaign performance and justify future marketing campaigns.


Marketing Performance
Analyze: video

Which content was most effective?

Top 10 Videos


Video can be highly effective at attracting target buyers, but it’s also costly to produce and too many marketing tools treat it like a black box. Our tools treat video as an integrated part of your marketing strategy, allowing you to fine-tune messages, regardless of medium.

  • What are your top videos?
  • What sections did customers watch more than once?
  • What was downloaded?
  • What keywords did customers use to find you? Use this data for SEO.

Capture detailed data and insights on the performance of your content, your viewer experience, and your audience growth strategy.

Engagement Graph
Engagement Graph

So you ran a campaign WITH meaningful metrics to analyze. Now what?

The key to increasing your ROI and profits is feeding that data back into the next version. We’ll create new content on the topics that were most successful at attracting customers and converting leads into business.

We'll work with you on a cycle of continuous improvement—and increased traffic—to incorporate key learnings about your customers and what they really want. Sounds simple? Let's get started.

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